The Ritz Carlton, owner of 100% of the Vigo shipyard

The Ritz Carlton, owner of 100% of the Vigo shipyard

Evrima The Ritz Carlon Yacht Collection

Vigo – The businessman José García Costas, former president of Hijos de J. Barreras, reached an agreement thanks to which he will transfer control of his shares in the shipyard, 24.5%, to   Ritz Carlton, which becomes, in a way , holder of 100% of the shares of the Vigo shipyard, currently responsible for the construction of its luxury cruise ship, the Evrima.

Ritz Carlton had already reached a similar agreement with the shareholders of Pemex and with Albacora, and already controlled 75% of the shares: with the acquisition of the latter package of shares, he obtains full control of the Spanish company. The new owner’s top priority is, of course, the timely completion of the Evrima.

In an official statement, Ritz Carlton Shipbuilding Division CEO Douglas Prothero said: “Our goal is to continue to work and collaborate with governments and financial administrations, as we plan a new future and new opportunities for Hijos de J Barreras. , as well as for the numerous Galician suppliers that work in the shipyard “.

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