Royal Caribbean, mini-hospital on board and free treatment: this is what changes for cruise passengers

 Miami – Rooms to accommodate ICU patients, x-ray laboratories, pharmacy. And a number of employees, including doctors and paramedics, able to cope with even serious emergencies. The “step 2” of anti-Covid cruises was officially presented by Royal Caribbean. It will be Quantum of the Seas to welcome what is in effect an on-board hospital.

Many innovations have been introduced by the company led by Richard Fain to deal with a pandemic with which, obviously, it will be necessary to live together for several months. In addition to daily health checks of workers and passengers with temperature measurements, Royal will provide fast and free SARS-CoV-2 tests on board and free medical assessments in the cabin.

“We have added doctors and nurses and improved our equipment, which will be at the forefront of providing high quality care. The medical center itself has been redesigned into two separate zones, including a care unit dedicated to the management of infectious diseases. Each area has an independent entrance, intensive care beds, toilets and a laboratory ”.

Devices on board include hospital-grade ventilators, cardiac monitors, central oxygen system, nebulizers, external defibrillators and pacemakers, echocardiographs. Among the therapeutic treatments, in addition to a wide range of antibiotics, antiretroviral medicines, oxygen therapy, rapid PCR tests for Covid-19.

“For its initial cruises from Singapore on Quantum of the Seas, Royal Caribbean will cover any Covid-19 related medical treatment on board, any quarantine accommodation required once off the ship and returning home, up to the value of $ 25,000″, explains the company. Another important upgrade is the  onboard air filtration  which will allow fresh air to be provided and the air to be filtered to avoid any pathogens circulating around the ship.

“Every HVAC system on board a Royal Caribbean ship continuously flows 100% fresh air from outside to the cabin and public areas. The updated MERV 13 filters capture aerosols ranging in size from 0.3 to 1 micron, thin enough to filter out coronaviruses, colds and flu viruses ”.

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