Royal Caribbean is looking for volunteers for test cruises: here’s how to sign up

  Royal Caribbean, which last week hinted it may need volunteers for CDC-mandated experimental cruises before the official resumption of business, now has a dedicated website and  Facebook page for test bookings.

“This week alone, we’ve received more than 3,000 emails, excluding tweets, suggestions and messages on our social channels,” the company said. “We are examining the requirements proposed by the CDC to understand when we can start the test cruises, but we are also gathering information on those who have shown interest in starting our ships.”

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Trial cruises are expected to be short and reach the company’s private island in CocoCay, where Royal Caribbean can create a so-called “bubble environment”, controlling the entire travel experience through protocols imposed by the US health authority.

Trial cruises will be monitored by company officials, a third party company and the CDC itself. Test starts could take place as early as December or January.

Join the “Volunteers of the seas” group here

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