Pullmantur and RCG to start the refund process

Monarch Pullmantur,

Pullmantur Cruises passengers who requested through the Refund or Credit Program for a future cruise the reimbursement of the amounts paid as a result of the cancellation of their trip will begin to receive the reimbursement of the same before the end of the year. 96% of Pullmantur Cruises customers opted for the refund option.

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In this way, after the launch of this program in July, the cooperation agreement reached by the Bankruptcy Administration, the Pullmantur Group and Royal Caribbean and the effort made in the last 45 days by the different teams to solve the technical complexity, the program it is already fully implemented.

Throughout this morning, the company will send a statement with the details of the reimbursement process -considering the different payment methods – to travel agencies and direct sales clients and will update its website with this information.


Feasibility Plan: last phase of the design

Likewise, Pullmantur Cruises is in the final stretch of designing its Viability Plan in order to guarantee the future of the company. As reported a few days ago, the Pullmantur management team, together with the Data Bankruptcy team, continue to work intensively on their Business Plan from the Méndez Álvaro offices. Said plan will determine the future of Pullmantur Cruises and would mean its return to operation, if the process concludes as expected.

And it is that, although due to changes in its fleet, the company informed passengers with reservations until November 2021 of its cancellation, thus being able to access the refund or credit program for a future cruise in no case implies that cannot operate beforehand. In fact, as she has been saying throughout these months characterized by the impact of the pandemic, her greatest wish is to return to sailing as soon as possible.

As reiterated by the Administrator, Francisco Vera, “the efforts are totally focused on the design of a business plan, which guarantees the viability of the company, maximizes the recovery of bankruptcy credits and turns Pullmantur Cruises into a strong and competitive company, within a sector with a promising future, which only in Spain generates an economic impact that exceeds 1,300 million euros, reaching more than 4,300 if we add indirect and induced ”.

Another of the areas of work in which the team is immersed is in the study of the different alternatives in the market for cruise ships. The objective is to provide Pullmantur Cruises with a more modern fleet that adapts to the needs of its product and its passengers in order to be able to offer a maximum quality experience, based on the Spanish / Latin lifestyle and faithful to the essence of the company, which has led it to position itself as a benchmark for the Spanish-speaking market.

About the Refund or Credit Program for a Future Cruise

It was launched in July 2020 together with Royal Caribbean Group and aimed at Pullmantur Cruises customers with reservations affected by the cancellation of the operation.

In general terms, the FCC program offers Pullmantur Cruises customers two possibilities:

  • The reimbursement of the amounts paid to Pullmantur Cruises.
  • A 125% bonus (Future Cruise Credit – FCC) calculated on the cabin rate, applicable on Royal Caribbean International or Celebrity Cruises cruises

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