MS Columbus to be scrapped in Alang

MS Columbus is now to be scrapped in Alang

Although many cruise fans hoped that the bad news would subside a bit in 2021, more and more negative after-effects of the current situation.

In addition to the many travel cancellations from all cruise line companies, there is also always news about the scrapping of cruise ships.

One of the most recent reports in the area of scrapping is that MS Columbus is also to be scrapped by the former Cruise & Maritime Voyages. 
Most recently, it was assumed that the scrapping would take place in Aliaga. But now the tide has changed again here, the ship is currently about to leave the Mediterranean for Port Said. It is to be expected that this stop will be the last stopover of the cruise ship before being scrapped in Alang (India)

Cruise & Maritime Voyages was a shipping company that operated on the German and British cruise markets, among others. As part of the pandemic, however, the company had to file for bankruptcy, and the company’s ships were auctioned. In the meantime it became known that the MS Astor, MS Marco Polo and also MS Magellan will be scrapped.

MS Columbus was manufactured in 1989 by Chantiers de l’Atlantique in Saint-Nazaire, France. Within its history, MS Columbus has also been used as the Sitmar FairMajesty, Star Princess, Arcadia, Ocean Village and Pacific Pearl. She has been in the Cruise & Maritime Voyages fleet since 2017. At auction, the ship was sold for $ 5.3 million.


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