Japan Is Still Afraid. Fukuoka: No Vaccine-Free Cruises

Fukuoka – The Japanese city of Fukuoka, a major cruise destination in Asia, has decided not to allow cruise ships to call at the port of Hakata “until the vaccine has been properly prepared” or “has been established a Coronavirus treatment method”

“There are too many dangers associated with the presence of tourists in the city, for this reason we prefer to wait for the right moment before leaving”, said a spokesman for the municipality.

Soichiro Takashima, mayor of Fukuoka, said at a press conference on the 18th: “If an infected person on a cruise ship is hospitalized in the city, a collapse of the medical system could occur” It is an excessive risk for our community ”.

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The city is one of the destinations, among other things, of the cruises organized by Costa. On the website of the Italian company we still read today: “The port of Fukuoka is located south east of the island of Kyushu, in Japan, a prosperous seaside city surrounded by mountains. This area is known for fun and excellent cuisine, which can often be enjoyed in small street restaurants set up and taken down every night. The most famous dish is Mentaiko, originally from Korea and made up of cod roe marinated in salt and chilli in various degrees of spiciness. There are many attractions to visit between fun, culture and spirituality: Shofukuji, the first Zen temple built in Japan ; the Fukuoka Tower , the highest coastal tower in Japan with its 234 meters; Ohori Park (Ohori-koen), a pleasant city park in downtown Fukuoka. A curiosity: on December 20, 1994, Frank Sinatra performed in Fukuoka in the last concert of his career ”.

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