Holland America Line, Mass Layoff Notice, letter sent to employees.

Holland America mass layoff

In a letter sent via email to Holland American Line officers and crew, the company warns that they have taken many aggressive steps together to reduce the costs of the company structure and rise their capital.

Due to the reduction of their fleet, with four ships sold, they have made the difficult decision to initiate a formal process to reduce the number of their officers and crew.

Within the next 45 days they expect to have informed all affected members, following all their contractual and legal obligations.

Some officers within the team on board have already been notified of this regrettable decision.

Read the Letter:

A message to all Holland America Line seagoing team members on board and at home.


Whether you are a recent joiner, have been at sea for an extended time, or are already at

home, I would like to extend my sincere gratitude for all the hard work you have been

performing on our ships over these many challenging months.

This is an unprecedented time for our industry and Holland America Line-a fact

underscored by our operational pause and the sale of four ships. The ships we sold had a

long and storied history with Holland America Line, but they were an important part of our

Carnival Corporation plans to reduce operating costs by speeding up the transfer of less

efficient and less profitable ships that we expected to remove over the coming years.

With our operational pause continuing to be extended, we have taken many aggressive

steps together to lower the cost structure of the company and raise capital, and I

appreciate everyone’s support in those actions. However, to align with the reduced size of

our fleet, we have now made the very difficult decision to begin a formal process to reduce

the number of officers and crew members in our establishment.

Some officers within our team have already been notified, and following all our contractual

and legal obligations, we hope that we will be able to notify other impacted individuals

within the next 45 days. The entire process may take several months to complete with

officer positions possibly impacted across all departments.

As we determine our needs for staffing below 1-stripe officer ranks, we will certainly take

natural attrition into account. As a result, when the ships return to service, we hope to be

able to offer assignments to those team members who wish to remain with us in those

positions. This may change as each ship is able to return to service, but our current goals

are to not see impacts at those levels.

We understand that this is likely to be difficult and unsettling news, but I want to assure

you that we remain optimistic about the future, and all of us-at every level of the

company-are working hard on our phased restart of guest operations.

We will do our best to continue to keep you informed throughout this process, either

directly or through your union representatives. Thank you again for your dedication and

perseverance as we continue to weather this storm together.”

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