Holland America Line and Princess Cruises are offering Alaska Shore Vacation 2021

Two Carnival Corporation brands, Princess Cruises and Holland America Line, were even punished twice by canceling the 2021 Alaska season. Because what many do not know: in combination with the cruises, the two companies in Alaska also offer travel extensions on land. Since the Alaska cruises are unlikely to take place this year, the two companies will only offer shore vacations in Alaska.

According to a press release, combinations of Alaska tours, accommodations in Alaska and sightseeing options, i.e. excursions, are offered at this point.

Alaska is a very important and special destination for numerous cruise companies from the United States, and numerous companies repeatedly position ships here. 

But like last year’s Alaska season, the 2021 Alaska season will probably also be canceled. Canada had already extended its cruise ship ban until 2022 some time ago. The Canadian waters are, however, essential for the Alaska cruises. For this reason, numerous companies have already canceled their trip there. 

Canada left a small back door open by wanting to reassess the situation in the event of a significant improvement, but the shipping companies also want to give their passengers planning security and this is unfortunately no longer available at this point. 


I am an active crew member, and passionate person for the cruise industry, I work as Assistant Waiter for Royal Caribbean, and started this project while stucked at home during the pandemic. Thank you for your support.

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