Evrima. Barreras placed the mast of the Ritz-Carlton cruise ship

PHOTO:  Sergio Crespo

The HJ Barreras shipyard takes a further step in the construction of the luxury mini-cruise ship the North American company The Ritz-Carlton. 

They proceeded to the installation of the mast of the Evrima, a moment that they describe as “of enormous symbolic load” that reflects the good pace of work on board what will soon become the most luxurious passenger cruise in the world.

The placement of the mast has required the work of dozens of operators throughout the morning today. It was necessary to use two large cranes to get it into position and keep it upright while it was welded to the hull. Today, more than 1,000 people work on board the Evrima.

The Evrima will be the cruise ship with the most space per passenger on the market, as it will only accommodate 298, so that each of them will have an experience “comparable to if they were on their own yacht”. In addition, its shorter length, compared to the usual one on standard cruises, will allow you to visit less explored ports, such as Seville or Formentera, in Spain. Once on board, it includes a wide variety of spaces, including ten different options for dining and a marina platform with direct access to the sea.

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