Carnival Introduce New Hygiene and Safety Measures

Carnival Cruise Line has expanded its safety and hygiene concept

Carnival Cruise Line, a brand of the Carnival Corporation, has revised its hygiene and safety concept with regard to the corona virus and announced new regulations. Including a mask requirement for the guests onboard their cruise ships. This applies to all travelers over two years. 

In the future, masks should be worn inside the ship, with the exception of your own cabin and restaurants – as soon as you have reached your own seat. Masks must be worn outdoors if the safety distance cannot be maintained

In addition to the mask requirement, other measures were announced. These have already been tried out on the European market, because the new concept is very similar to the concepts of the cruise lines that are and were already active in Europe. 

These measures include, among other things, that all guests must present a negative test result. This rule does not apply to guests under two years of age. At this point we are talking about tests that should be done before departure. Additional tests in the terminal are also not excluded. 

Another well-known measure is that individual shore excursion will not be allowed on the Carnival Cruise Line for the time being either. Only guests who have booked an excursion can leave the ship. Anyone who moves away from the excursion group can be excluded from the rest of the journey. 


I am an active crew member, and passionate person for the cruise industry, I work as Assistant Waiter for Royal Caribbean, and started this project while stucked at home during the pandemic. Thank you for your support.

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