Canada bans cruise ships until February 2022!

This is bitter for the cruise industry: Canada has passed a resolution stating that cruise ships with over 100 passengers will not be allowed to enter the waters of Canada until February 28, 2022.

Probably the toughest setback here is that Alaska is now also affected by this preliminary ruling. It is now to be expected that the shipping companies will evaluate the new regulations and then make various rejections again. In addition to Alaska and Canada, the Great Lakes and the Arctic are also affected by this ban.

A government press release announced that the cruise lines in Canadian waters would pose a health risk. In addition, the health system could take care of the progress of vaccinations through such bans.

Although the ban has now been decided, Canada is still keeping a back door open.If the situation improves noticeably, the government is free to adjust the temporary ban before February 28, 2022. Whether this will be done by the relevant ministry is rather unlikely, given the strict regulations that Canada has been following since the beginning of the pandemic.

As a result, numerous Alaska and New England cruise cancellations can be expected. This is another major setback, especially for the American market, because these destinations are particularly important for cruise operators in North America, along with the Caribbean.

European companies such as the Hamburg shipping company TUI Cruises will also have to react to the new ban. In the fall, Mein Schiff 1 should also make a few calls in Canada. These trips are likely to be subject to future adjustments.


I am an active crew member, and passionate person for the cruise industry, I work as Assistant Waiter for Royal Caribbean, and started this project while stucked at home during the pandemic. Thank you for your support.

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